The wine cellar: More than a Man Cave

According to some expert; “human consumption of alcohol was unwitting, fortuitous and unplanned until around 10,000 years ago”. The intentional yield of ethanol arose in these recent human histories. And wine is one good alcoholic beverage, made by grapes fermentation which antioxidants and also the oldest beverage of times which is enjoyed all around globe. And if the wine comes with an enchanting cellar, then it’s a beauty in its own way.

a party in a wine cellar HIt’s a lot more than just a typical man cave where a person can go to spare himself some time alone or with the one they enjoy company with. Protection of wine collection in a cellar should be considered by creating classic and ultimate environment for the aging and storing of wine which requires a deep knowledge and understanding of its’ influences which include light vibration, temperature, air quality and humidity. For example, when temperature is above 57 degrees it is difficult to judge if the wine has reached its peak. Wine cellar can be located anywhere but should be in the most humid one although a wine cellar can reside nearly in any space. Surrounding air quality affects the wine cellar. Also air particles infiltrate and affect wine through that cork on the top. Also non neutral smell can intrude with scents evolving in wines. This is the only reason why materials like cedar and pine are not suggested for wine racks. Similarly, the air quality including microscopic, foreign particles in wine cellar air affects the evolution of their flavors.

Unlike man caves which are dedicated to a man’s interest such as music, sports or like a little alcohol storage fashion. It is a mere recreation den or room providing space to relax and kick back or is a place of their own to escape, the wine cellar is totally dedicated to one and only one thing which is wine. Attaining aggregate surrounding control of your wine cellar does not refer to having that huge wine refrigeration system. The thing which is important is the maintenance of ideal storage condition with right temperature and humidity levels which are compact refrigeration can also do. One can simply afford splendid custom wine cellar that is to have an affectionate wine cellar at the prices that your pocket will definitely love. Then there exist different wine cellar like a small cellar holding in this world up to 500 bottles or an above ground or underground cellar or may be a room full of wine naming it as wine room or might be its just your little closet for every other wine lover It is vital to realize that a man does not necessarily mean a remote exclusively secluded area in the house, dark and depressing. In today’s modern society, mankind has added aesthetic beauty to his man cave, thus turning it into a trendy, hangout location. Today, it is more of a place to 'hangout’ with friends and family and relaxing or celebrating with their near and dear ones.

With the growing love for wine, wine lovers have started incorporating their love for wine with art, thus creating this perfectly decorated cell in their house with the best wines perfectly placed from across the world.