Why humidity is so important for your Cigar Collection

cigars The smoking of a cigar is one of the most pleasant experiences enjoyed by cigar lovers. To experience its best taste few preliminary preparations are necessary. The remarkable flavor of the cigar is obtained by its freshness, for that cigar needs to be in a proper shape and stored in a set temperature that releases its finest taste while smoking it. Cigars cannot be stored anywhere in the drawers. One needs to invest in a humidifier in order to maintain the shape and flavor. Cigars are temperature sensitive, it absorbs humidity from the air and also releases oils when get dried. For keeping cigar fresh humidity is essential. A perfect fresh cigar is full of flavor and smokes slowly when burnt. The slow burning of cigar helps in releasing flavor one can enjoy. Appropriate the humidity level for cigar better will be the taste and freshness.

Handling cigar before lightening it defines the taste. Processing of all cigars is different and one must how to maximum utilize the taste of it before puffing it. The greatest way to keep cigar fresh and flavorful is through maintaining a proper humidity for it. In the market, there are special boxes that are specifically designed for cigars that maintain the humidity level and freshness that in result rich cigars with taste. A proper humidity level maintains the taste of the cigar. Too dry cigar makes taste bitter and will burn quickly. While on contrary damp cigars will burn slowly and will taste acidic. In either case, one loses the flavor and experience. For maintaining a long-lasting fresh taste of a cigar, it should be stored in a humid atmosphere, cigar requires 14% humidity of its own state. This implies that cigars require a relatively important level of humidity.

Besides being tasteless improper temperature also infect the cigars with bacteria and fungus. This not only damages the property of cigar but are also are bad for the health. Storage places of cigar also get infected with the fungal and bacterial growth making one to lose all the cigar collection along with the storage box. Discarding such cigar and storage boxes is the only solution of getting rid of fungus and bacteria. Cleaning and disinfecting them is not a recommended solution. One should invest in a humidifier that has a property of disinfecting the cigars and creating humidity from distilled water that prevents the fungal or bacterial growth. Cigar collections are badly damaged because of exposure to an improper temperature that causes bacterial and fungal growth. In some countries, there are beetles that stick to the cigars if get too damp. So, a proper humid temperature is also necessary for one's own health and cigars as well.

Comprehending the importance of humidity for cigars is vital as it is associated majorly with health and then with the pleasure of an individual. To best enjoy the taste and flavor while puffing, investment on cigar humidifier is necessary. A cigar when lightened give a mixed flavor of oil, sugar, tobacco, and smoke but its exposure to dry or moist place will damage all the properties. For these reasons, cigar collectors should be conscious of making their choice and invest in useful things to enjoy the best taste. Maintaining the proper humidity level is the only way to enjoy each puff of the cigar.